Stop PC Culture, Melt a Snowflake

Stop the PC Snowflake Terror Train



Once Upon a Time

Growing up in the far suburbs of Chicago, I had what I would consider a great childhood. I came from a middle class family who happen to be white; mom, dad, sister and even a dog. Sounds pretty average to me, yet by the standards of today; I’m the enemy. I’m a heterosexual white male who was brought up catholic. Queue the sinister music as I rub my hands together and think of ways to destroy the rest of humanity.  Give me a break! Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, there is no way to assume that others don’t struggle. We all have the same problems of making sure our family has cloths on their back and food in their bellies. Let me reel this in before it turns into any more of a rant LOL.


PC Culture

The PC culture has taken off. It’s insane; I’m not a pet owner anymore, now I have what’s called an animal companion. I love my animals like family but guess what they’re pets, that’s not a negative term by the way. We can’t say Mailman anymore that undermines the struggle of female postal workers. You’re not fat, now you’re weight challenged. Short, nope you’re vertically challenged. Hell, we don’t even know where to take a piss anymore, because apparently two options weren’t enough! Well I say enough is enough already.


Remember it’s not your fault (depending or you’re sex, race or religion)

It’s perfectly acceptable to be offended by everything as long as you are a certain type of person the Media deems ok. If you’re a 19 year old pansexual Asian liberal arts major, then by all means any and all of your beliefs are valid and worthwhile, Yet if you happen to be a forty year old heterosexual white male that said the same exact thing, you would be shut down. The double standards here are immense. Sorry Snowflakes if you demand to be heard, we too will be heard.


Double Standard

Let’s say you happen to work for a company and that is 99% white and you are the only Hispanic there and you feel you are being treating unfair due to your race. You mostly definitely have a legitimate reason to seek justice, no one disagrees with this. Now let’s look if the opposite were the case and you were the only white person…somehow the injustice is no longer valid. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist. We all know it does but that is true with all races and all forms are unacceptable. If you want to stop racism, then maybe we shouldn’t be labeling each other by races but as humans. Of course someone is going to start saying they don’t identify as human.


Why Let the Media determine what you think

We can’t turn on the TV, open up a blog post or see the News without hearing about how bad everything’s is, how it’s our fault. How we need to change who we are. Everything is racist, sexist, and every other “ist” they can make up. It’s not the job of Hollywood or the Media in general to tell me how I should feel, what I should accept or what I shouldn’t accept. They are not the Moral compass. These are the same people who look the other way when one of their own is a pedophile or rapist. Those among them who speak out are then shunned and ridiculed.


Is there any Hope?

Yes and the hope will begin with us! We need to put on our grownup pants and stop letting these extreme liberal hypocrites tell us what is right and wrong. I for one have the ability to think for myself. Never have I taken anything I hear or read for granted. I don’t care if it’s CNN, Fox News or the BBC, they all skew the story to fit their agenda. We all have a right to be heard, but that doesn’t mean you’re always right. My beliefs are no less noble than yours; just because Hollywood see it your way. So I urge everyone to ignore Political Correctness and to feel and say what they believe. If a few snowflakes get offended in the process, you’re probably doing something right!


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