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S2 Smart Tracker; Product Review

Product Review; S2 Smart Tracker


S2 Product Review

Disclaimer; my fiancé has a website that sells this Smart Tracker, hence how I came to own one. They retail for $ 33.99-35.99 USD on her website. (This is not an advertisement for her site!) To be honest after hearing the price I wasn’t exactly expecting much for this tracker but it was gift so I gave it a go (Never insult the fiancé) LOL.


 First the Stats

  • IP67 waterproof. S2 can be worn to swim. (depth not over 1m, time 30mins)
  • * Sports and Health: sports tracking (Pedometer, distance, and calorie)   sleep tracking (sleeping time, sleeping quality)   set fitness goals  movement pattern (Bicycle-riding mode, Running mode, Rope skipping, Sit-ups, Jumping jacks).
  • GPS movement Trajectory, distance, Time, Pace, Calorie, Historical records, track sharing.
  • Alert & Notification function: call reminder (Android, iOS), contact name display; Facebook, Twitter, Line, SKYPE, WhatsApp (Android, iOS), content display; Sedentary; Anti-lost warning; Clock alarm; Task alert.
  • Smart buttons Find phone: Camera remote, Music remote, Video remote.
  • Wake up screen by turn wrist
  • Built-in 90mah Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery can be used about 10 days.
  • Compatible with Android 4.3 and above, IOS 7.0 and above, with Bluetooth 4.0 Phone.



My initial thoughts


To my surprise the construction of the Tracker was strong and felt high quality. The product looks great for sure. If I had to pick a problem, I would have to say that having rather large forearms I’m used to have a bigger watch on. I was little apprehensive at first, thinking it was too small but after a few days I didn’t even notice anymore, and to be honest I was probably the only one who would of even noticed it. My vanity gets a little too much at times! I hooked it up to my iPhone via Bluetooth in less than 2 minutes. Note; this tracker works with both Android and iOS in case you change phones. So the Tracker looks good and was easy to set up but what about the actual functionality of it?



Running and Biking


I used the S2 on a couple of bike rides and on my runs. I knew I was going to do a product review so I took my iPhone with to make sure the tracking and numbers matched. No problems there. One feature I found super helpful was the Heart Rate Monitor, I have a heart condition and it was nice to have the peace of mind. Tried the Skipping Rope feature, well I know it counts to at least 10 lol at around 9 or 10 I would stop, I was worried my sweet Skipping Rope skills might intimidate the others at the gym. I have yet to going swimming with the S2. I did shower with it several times and had no issues as of yet.




Sleep Tracker


I used the Sleep tracker function which ended up being fun and surprisingly helpful. I really didn’t think I had a use for it, but after keeping track awhile I was able to see certain pattern of mine. I used to think because I went to bed at 11 and got up at 6am I was getting plenty of sleep. I couldn’t understand why I was still so sleepy. Turns out I was laying down at 11 and not actually going to sleep until 1 or 1:30am. What I thought was 7 good hours of sleep was really about 4 ½ hours.


Photo/Video Remote and Call Notification


The call notification was nice, it was sampling a small vibration instead of the loud ring of the phone which let me stay in the moment of my workout or TV show if I being honest! I used the Remote features due to the fact that I was writing this review. They worked but I’m not much of a selfie kind of guy. My fiancé on the other hand uses this feature ad nauseam.



Bottom Line


The bottom line is; I would defiantly recommend the S2 Smart Tracker. For the price it really can’t be beat. They cost less than half of a FitBit, which are great trackers, but I can’t see the reason to spend that much when there are more cost effect products for less money. I love a good deal. Regardless of what others say I am thrifty not cheap! All jokes aside I used the S2 at first just appease my partner but I truly can’t see myself using anything else from now on.  If you found this review to be helpful in any way I’ll leave a link to check it for yourself. Digital Skull Cell Phone Cases


Thanks for Reading (My first Product Review!)




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