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Planet Fitness; The Judgment Zone

Planet Fitness; The Judgment Zone



Planet Fitness from the view of a Weight Lifer


I have recently moved to a new state and have stumbled into a city with very few affordable options for those of us that like to Lift Real Metal. I’m talking about good ole fashioned Olympic Bars and Weights. Toss on a few 45’s and get to work. Even better if there’s a Deadlift Platform and ample use of chalk! If you carry a gallon of water or wear a tank top no one even looks twice. The type of Gym that is truly a judgment free zone! Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and Crossfitters are a true community of people who want to help push and support each other.

I do not have that option at this time. What is a lifter to do? It’s not like I’m going to give up Lifting, so I swallowed my pride and went to Planet Fitness and joined.


Day 1 at Planet Fitness

I tried my hardest to go in with an open mind. The employee took me around to show the equipment. Off in the distance I saw a Squat Rack and felt a flutter in my heart! I have poor eye sight, because the closer I got; I was able to see it was a Smith Machine. It was like a punch in the gut. They had a few Dumbbells; however they only go up to 70 pounds. The Curl bars they had were even more of a disappointment. The heaviest one they have is 40 pounds. Yet, I carried on hoping I could make something work. I went around and did a few rounds on their Machines. So were decent machines, but more for accessory work.  I left after my workout and felt somewhat disappointed but willing to give it a go.


Day 2 at Planet Fitness

Day 2 I know what I was getting into. I figured I would really work on Super High Reps. I was using the Shoulder Press Machine and on my last Repetition I must of breathed a little too hard. Because guess what…The Lunk Alarm went off! I was beyond pissed off. I was not being rude and screaming after each rep or anything like that. I literally pushed out some breath to get that last rep up. I immediately went to the front desk and the gentleman behind the desk stated they don’t like big guys grunting because it makes others uncomfortable.

Others Uncomfortable!

I was taken aback; if anyone should feel uncomfortable it should be me. I take my fitness serious and in no way would treat others working out in a negative way. I don’t go around offering advice or looking at someone with horrible form and shaking my head. I put on the headphones and go to work. I tried to explain my position and what actually happened, but it fell on deaf ears. Planet Fitness is truly a Judgment Zone.


The only Saving Grace

The only saving grace I can give to Planet Fitness is that if you like to Tan, they do offer tanning with their Black Card Member Level which is 19.99 a month. That is actually Cheaper than most tanning salons. They do have a large selection of Cardio equipment, which can be helpful for Heart Health and Cutting, even if Bulk is Life!


Hope to find a New Gym ASAP

I do hope to find a Real gym soon. I would love to find a nice Powerlifting Gym. While I do dislike the atmosphere of Planet Fitness, I could see myself keeping the membership for Tanning and Cardio. However Planet Fitness has made it clear to me and everyone else, they do not want lifters in their gym.


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