Negative Thoughts; Positive Life

Negative Thoughts; Positive Life


How can I be Positive with all these Negative Thoughts?


Negative thoughts, Positive Life, can you still consider yourself a positive person when you have negative thoughts running around in your head? Absolutely you can. This happens to all of us. If you’re new to living in a positive vibration then you may have to work at little harder. Trust me, it gets so much easier the more you live in a positive state of mind.


OK, so how do I stop them?


The truth is you can’t, at least not completely. Your mind is as big as the universe. Thoughts will pop into your head. Sometimes even more so, when you try to only think positive. It’s like when someone tells you not to think about a red ball, guess what; you think red ball!


Your Focus goes where you Tell it to


When those negative thoughts come, don’t freak out, just notice them and make a choice to focus on something else. You don’t have to make this harder than it needs to be. If you happen to be in the car, put on song you love and focus on that. Or  you start thinking about your bills, acknowledge they are there and focus on the feelings you get when you get paid.


Feelings over Thoughts


We have an insane amount of thoughts each and every day and we can’t spend every second of our time in combat with our thoughts. We can control our feelings. Think about the last time you were in a bad mood and this little thought jumped into your mind and it ruined the rest of your day. We have all been there. Now that same thought creeps in when you’re in a state of positive vibration and it has no effect on your day. Feelings can control our outcome. One negative thought or even a hundred negative thoughts can’t control you when you choose to have positive feelings.


Positive Thoughts outweigh Negative Thoughts


On a daily basis we are bombarded with negative things. Just turn on the news or read the latest article in a newspaper (if you can still find them). It can seem overwhelming at times. The great news is positive thoughts are so much more powerful. Think about it, all day negativity is being thrown at you , it has all day to fester, yet in an instant that can all change by seeing a baby smile or hearing a funny joke. What takes negativity all day to do; positivity can get done in a millisecond.


It becomes Second Nature


This may seem like a lot of work, having to monitor everything you think. However, as I stated above; just shift your focus. It’s that simple. The more you do this the easier it gets. It’s just second nature at a certain point. How you are feeling determines your vibration a lot more than a thought.


Putting it all Together


Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself feeling happy. The state of joy is the greatest place we can be. You can find joy in anything. Be filled with gratitude and thankfulness for everything you have. When you live in this state, a negative thought is nothing. It has no power. Surround yourself with positive people and positive environments. Look at the greater picture. We are in control. So, next time that negative thought pops into your mind, just acknowledge it and move on. Live in a positive vibration. It’s where you’re meant to be!


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