Louis C.K. Looks to be Starring in Hollywood’s Newest Sex Scandal

Louis C.K. Looks to be Starring in Hollywood’s Newest Sex Scandal

Louis C.K. photo from IMDb

Louis C.K accused of Sexual Misconduct

Not really a big surprise here. Comedian and Actor Louis C.K. has been accused of multiple sexual misconduct claims according to several national new sources.  He was quick to cancel his Film premiere of “I Love You, Daddy” in New York. Due to what was called “unexpected circumstances” I guess that sounded better than; the creepy guy who likes to masturbate in front of unwilling women just got found out! Louis C.K. has not been found guilty of or been charged with any crimes at the time this was written.


New York Times Report

However several female comedians did tell the New York Times, that Louis C.K. did masturbate in front of them, I believe one incident took place in 2002. Altogether at this point there are at least five different woman accusing Louis C.K. of Sexual misconduct. As these stories tend to go, I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. According to Gawker, this is not the first time allegation such as this has arisen. They published an article about two years ago that involved Mr. C.K.


Others have been speaking up

I hope these allegations inspire others to step up and be heard. Last week Corey Feldman of “Lost Boys” fame gave the name of one of his sexual abusers on the Dr. Oz show; in the interview he named Cloyd Jon Grissom as the man who abused him when he was only 14 years old! Unfortunately Hollywood and the Media seem to be down playing all of this. As they normally do. When will these hypocrites stop rounding the wagons around all the sexual predators? Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and so many more how many millions were paid to keep the victims silent.


These Scumbags must be held accountable

Being a famous celebrity makes you no more above the law than anyone, yet these scumbags seem to get a free pass. I hope times are changing and all these disgusting people are finally going to be held accountable for their actions.



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