Just got Robbed and I saw it Coming; Trust your Instincts

Just got Robbed and I saw it Coming; Trust your Instincts


I try to see the Good in the world which can be hard at times. I spent several years of my Life working as a Correctional Officer, so you can say I have a reason for being jaded; when you see so much evil on a daily basis it’s hard. That is why I spend so much time trying to see the good in people. I’ve been stabbed, punched, kicked, spit on, you name it but I held on. This is the first time I just about lost it.

Money has been Tight

Money has been tight lately and I say that not for sympathy just as a fact. I had a phone I was selling on an app, I was counting on that 300 to cover my electric and food. It’s not as if I was going to be going on some shopping spree. So after being blown off three separate times my girlfriend put the phone up on her profile.

Red Flag

She came to me and said she had a lady that was interested and wanted to meet at the local High school. I’m not sure why but that was a red flag for me. This is the point I told my Girlfriend something felt off and it seemed like a set up. However the need for cash pushed my inner voice out of the way.

Huge Red Flag

We get to the High School and my Girlfriend texts the lady and she says she is sending her 14 year old son to get the phone. Another huge Red flag, I know. At this point red lights and sirens are going off in my head, but I need that money so I just ignore it. The kid comes up to the car with cash in hand. He shows me the money and I show him the phone.


As he hands the money to me, he grabs the phone and starts to run. I knew the deal. I knew it was counterfeit money before I even looked. A huge part of me wanted to chase the little thief but I had my girlfriend in the car and it’s not worth putting her in danger for a phone no matter how flushed with rage I was. I’ve had a gun pulled on me before and it was an experience I didn’t wanted to share with her.

The Aftermath

It’s been about an hour and I can finally unclench my fist now. Things like this drain the joy out of you. However I refuse to let that little bastard steal my positive outlook on life. He has taken enough, plus good luck getting the phone to work. I blacklisted it, but I know he will still scam someone and make so money off of it. You may be able to outrun the Police but you can’t outrun Karma.

Tomorrow is a New Day

Knocked down but not knocked out. I’m just going to have to regroup and come up with a new plan. I look at this as a reminder to trust my instincts. Just because those around you live in darkness doesn’t mean you have to. I’m going to pick myself up and dust off and start tomorrow out the best I can.

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