Be a Jason in a world of John’s

Be a Jason in a world of John’s




The freedom afforded to youth


As a child I didn’t give a shit what anyone thought about me. If I wanted to wear a Roger Rabbit shirt(yes, I’m dating myself here) for the first day of school, others be damned! I did it. What mattered to me most was what I thought was cool. It didn’t matter what anyone else was wearing or doing. I did what made me happy. I do realize it was easier for me and my generation, the internet and selfies didn’t exist!

Then comes adulthood and messes it all up


Then somewhere in adulthood I lost that freedom. No one took it away from me, I just one day started to care what others thought. Looking back I cant pin point when it happened, but it did. All of the sudden I was caring what other people were wearing, what others were doing.  I was still me, but I lost my individuality. That thing that made me… Jim!


You are meant to be you

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with doing trendy things, you just have to make sure you’re doing it for you. Trust me, if you go a bar dressed in an Affliction T-shirt and your hair spiked up, you will probably blend in. My question is, why would you want that? Be you, no one can do you better than you!


So be a John; be an Original


People do make assumption when they first see someone, so be an original.  The assumption most people make when they see that guy in the Affliction shirt is that on Sunday morning he’s gonna come home hungover smelling of pepper-spray with just a hint of Rohypnol. The bottom line is, other people’s opinions will never pay your bills. Do what you like, be who makes you happy. I promise the more original and happy you are, the more people will be drawn to you. So in a world full of John’s be a Jason.



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