The GOP and Labor Unions; We Should be Friends

The GOP and Labor Unions; We Should be Friends


Unions are Not the Enemy of Profits



Anyone who knows me will agree I tend to lean pretty far right on most subjects, yet I consider myself a Conservative and not a Republican. Smaller Government, sign me up. Fiscal conservatism, yes please. Strong National Defense, you got me again. So why don’t I call myself a Republican? The GOP’s stance on Labor Unions is definitely the one defining issue I can’t overlook.

Disclaimer, my father was a member of a skilled trade union in Chicago, which directly led to me having a comfortable childhood and I too have worked both union and nonunion jobs. So I may be biased in my thoughts, however you can also view the fact I have firsthand knowledge in the subject of Labor Unions.  


Labor Unions

I find that when discussing the issue of Unions, most people have no idea what a labor union actually is or what its purpose happens to be. I’ll list a few examples of both the benefits and negatives of Labor Unions. One thing I will point out strait away, is just because a state has unions, it does not mean you are unable to work for yourself. Unions are put in place to protect workers; not to destroy other workers. Regardless of what you have seen in the movies. I’ll start with some of the benefits of Labor Unions.


Collective Bargaining

One Man has a single voice that can be ignored; Many Men create a single voice that can’t be ignored. Without Labor Unions being able to negotiate with management over the past 100 years, none of us would be working in safe work environment or have anywhere near the wages we earn today. Whether or not you are in a Union, you have most definitely benefited from their existence.

Higher Wages

While business owners are looking out for their profit margins, and rightful so, Unions help make sure you have a livable wage, after all the best business ideas still need a skilled workforce to make that idea a reality. Believe it or not Unions want the corporations to make a profit. Without a profitable business there would be no work. Both sides need each other.

Better Benefits

Unions also offer the power of making sure you have benefits. So you don’t have to rely on the horrors of Obama Care. Many unions have pension plans in place so the stress of retirement has less of an impact and allows those hard working Americans an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Safety in the Workplace

Many of us have no idea what it must have been like before unions fought for a safe work environment. While workplace accidents and deaths do occur, we are afforded the feeling of safety when we enter our places of employment. Another aspect that helps produce safety in the workplace is having properly trained professional. The Skilled Trade Unions in particular offer 3-6 year apprentices, where they are not only taught on the job but actually take classroom courses as well. Knowledge is power, and with Union Journeyman you are getting a true Professional Master in his given trade set. Properly trained employees provide safe and productive work environments.

Representative for You

Unions have elected Union Representatives that you can take your issues to. Your first argument might be that Corporations have Human Resource Departments. The problem with that is, the HR department is a branch of the corporation. Even the most sympathetic HR employee will say the problem is; company policy states… fill in your own blank here. On the otherhand a Union Rep will be able to say that the company policy states… fill in the blank, now let’s see what we can do to change that.


Those 5 examples should give you somewhat of a better idea of what Labor Unions can and have done for all of us. Now I’ll be the first to admit as in all things; not everything is perfect with unions I’ll list a few examples of this as well.


Union Dues

Unions have expenses that they need to pay for. Dues may be taken out weekly, monthly or even yearly. Some feel it slightly offsets the higher wages.


Loss of Individuality

When a Union agrees or disagrees with something in a contract, you have to go along with it. Unions tend to look at what’s good for the whole workforce as opposed to just a single employee, and that employee might feel neglected.


The States Escape Goat

This happens in a lot of states or cities who have not managed their budgets very well. It’s easy to blame the debt on the wages and pensions of the working class. Rather than acknowledge the millions wasted on unnecessary social programs. Thanks Democrats!


Don’t Take my Word for it

As you can tell there will always be pros and cons for everything. What we need to do is see if the positives outweigh the negatives. I have firsthand knowledge and in my personal experiences working in law enforcement; the quality given to me by being part of a union most defiantly outweighs any perceived negatives.

I encourage you all to do your own research. For example, if you were to look at a Union Plumber in New York City versus a Nonunion Plumber in Paducah KY. You could line up the wages, benefits, level of skill and quality of life. That might help you determine the pros and cons a little better especially if you have never lived in a union state. I don’t think you will to surprised to see which one fairs better in all avenues.


If the GOP Saw the True Value

When Republicans finally realize what a true asset Organized Labor is I feel they will once again be the true form of the Grand Old Party. Most of the Union members I know all lean to the right, now just imagine the power the right could have buy taking back the working class into their fold. Let’s put the Values of the Middle Class and Organized Labor back into the Republican Party. That is what will truly… Make America Great Again!


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