Gender Identity; Mental Illness not Rite of Passage

The Farce of Gender Identity





This little thing called Biology

One’s genetic sex is determined solely by the absence or presence of a Y chromosome. Before anyone gets triggered by factual science I am of course excluding those born intersex which we all know is not the topic of this discussion. The topic of discussion here is those who feel Gender Identity is anything less than a mental disorder. Based solely on science there are only two genders. You are either male or female these are the facts not choices.


Mental Disorder

Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria is a recognized mental disorder that can and should be overseen by a trained Psychiatric Physician. According to a study from Boston published in 2015 in the Journal of Adolescent Health, those who suffer from Gender Dysphoria tend to have a much higher rate of Suicide and Depression among many other issues. To pretend this is normal is a true and dangerous disservice to those fighting with a serious mental illness.


Those aren’t Peanuts there Apples

I would like to point out that I am in no way making light of a serious mental condition. I truly believe many Liberals take this subject with a laissez-faire attitude. You cannot change your Biology. Let’s say you look at a peanut and decide that you truly believe that peanut is now an apple. Regardless of how you feel, if you’re allergic to peanuts and you eat it because you now believe it’s an apple, biology doesn’t care. You will have an allergic reaction. You can’t change the biology just because you want to.


Caitlyn Jenner

If you want to change your name and put on dresses or anything like, so be it. You can change your name to Boo Boo Kitty Dump that is your right; however that will not change the fact that you are a man. I’ll call you by whatever name you choose but you can’t make me ignore Biology. I bring up Caitlyn Jenner because people kept on calling him a hero. That is where I am lost, a hero for what exactly? If he had taken his celebrity and used it as a voice to bring awareness to mental health issues I might be able to understand that. Instead he chooses to put on evening gowns and have photo shoots.


Hollywood makes Everything Trendy

Hollywood is always trying to make us think a certain way, at the same time covering up all their dirty and nasty secrets. I fully understand that Gender Dysphoria has been around a lot longer than Hollywood but I feel they have pushed confused children and adults into thinking this is not a mental illness. Instead they tell you that you should be proud and encourage people to ignore science and push a Mental Disorder as a rite of passage. We should be encouraging them to seek medical attention and not advocating they play dress up. You wouldn’t tell an alcoholic that he doesn’t have a problem; he’s just a party animal. So why would you tell a confused child this is normal and not seek proper medical help.


Ignoring a Problem doesn’t make it less of a Problem

It’s perfectly OK to offend someone if you’re trying to help. In today’s Liberal culture people are offended by pretty much anything you say. If you know what you are doing is the right thing, don’t stop because the other side is louder. Helping society is not something you should be in fear of. Most anytime you confront someone with an issue they are be going through, they tend to be defensive on the subject, but be the bigger person, don’t let Mental Illness go unchecked  because you’re afraid to stand up to the liberal bullies. Mental Illness is a serious issue and I pray anyone going through this seeks the proper help. Let’s not lose another person because as a society we are too afraid that we might offend someone.


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