Every day’s an Opportunity, Even Bad Ones!

Every day’s an Opportunity, Even Bad Ones!





Every day is a New Beginning


One of the great things we get to do on a daily basis is start over each time we wake up. That is such a fantastic opportunity. Oh, you had a wonderful day yesterday; you get a chance to make today even better! If yesterday just wasn’t “your” day, guess what today can be. Something I do before bed each night is go over everything I’m grateful for and think of the phoenix; as this day ends I get to rise up tomorrow and be a better me.  True, that might sound a bit cheesy but it works for me. It puts me in the right mindset for the next day.


Set yourself up of Success


This is an important tool, make sure before you call it a night; you prep yourself for the morning. The less you have to stress about the more you can focus on being positive when you wake up. If you take medication or supplements, set them up at night. Drink a smoothie for breakfast, go ahead and put out the ingredients beforehand. I know I would rather take a few minutes at night and be able to allow myself more time to get into that positive vibration in the morning.




We all have those days; we just want to be over. That’s okay, have some perspective. Perspective is an amazing tool we can use.  One example of perspective that jumps out to me, is a few years ago I was talking to one of my oldest friends. I had just gotten out of the hospital for a Congestive Heart Failure flare-up and he tells me how I have the worst luck in the world. Apparently he and his wife were talking about how poor my luck was and how they felt bad for me. I was shocked! Bad luck, I don’t have bad luck.

In my mind I was one of the luckiest people I knew. Doctors were repeatedly amazed at how quickly my body heals itself, they often double check my history, and they can’t believe someone with my Ejection Fraction could recover like I do. See, it’s all about how you view the situation. My perspective comes from gratitude and thankfulness.


Gratitude and Thankfulness


The two final tools I’ll mention are gratitude and thankfulness. These are the cornerstones to having a great day. With them you can live in that positive vibration and start each day anew. I can’t tell you how many times a day I run over in my mind all the things I’m grateful and thankful for. If I’m waiting line at the store or driving my car and of course it the last thing and first thing I do every day.  It’s extremely hard to start your day off bad when you feel everything that you are grateful for.


Wrapping it all up!


No matter what happens in our lives, we get to try again tomorrow. That’s gives me such peace of mind. If we utilize perspective, gratitude and thankfulness we are unstoppable. Spend a few minutes at night prepping for the fresh start tomorrow brings, makes it that much better! Each day whether it was good or bad we can seize the opportunity to rise again and make it ours! Just remember every day is an opportunity it’s up to you to make it great!



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