Can you Keto your way to Health and Happiness?

Can you Keto your way to Health and Happiness?





Series of Blogs; Part 1


This post will not be an in-depth breakdown of the Keto diet, it’s going to be a weekly blog where I walk you through the process of the Keto lifestyle and try to add more information each week. There are a lot of great Bloggers who can give you the exact science of the diet and I will link them in a following post.



My Cardiologist wants me to eat a lot of Fats…What!?

As anyone who has followed me in the past probably knows I have Congestive Heart Failure.  I try to stay on top of my visits to my doctors and follow a semi-healthy diet. So, I was a little surprised when my Cardiologist suggested that I up my fat intake, a lot!  He mentioned I should look into a Ketogenic diet. I had heard of it before and just assumed it was another fad diet however after hearing this I knew I should dig a little deeper.



So what is Keto and why do I care?


The Ketogenic diet or Keto for short; is a low carbohydrate, moderate protein and high Fat diet.  Basically it’s going to break down to about 75-80% fats, 15-20% protein and around 5% carbohydrates. In general our bodies break down carbs into Glucose which is converted into energy. With Glucose being the main source of energy, our bodies take the fats we have and store them.  It’s a much more complex process but as I said this is just a general overview

Now the good news is, our bodies are capable of a lot, we can help Ketosis happen. Ketosis is the natural process which our Livers can produce Ketones by breaking the fats down for use as energy.  You can probably see why you should care; fats will be used as opposed to just being stored!


Benefits of Keto


There are many benefits of living the Ketogenic lifestyle.  It can lower appetite, increase your HDL cholesterol (the good one), lower blood pressure, and help reduced insulin and blood sugar levels. It can also promote less bouts of depression. That is just the tip of the iceberg. With all of these benefits, you know I have to try. Physical health is one of the cornerstones in which we build our positive life from.


Time to get Started!


I have my fridge stocked with healthy fats, like butter, coconut oil, avocados and of course my meats and a few veggies. The only thing I didn’t mention above; that while we have to cut out Carbs which is going to be a challenge we also have to cut out Sugars! Cut out sugars, I knew there was a catch! In my next post I will make sure to give a list of approved foods, and supplements you can take. A quick Google search will also let you know.


Is it going to be worth it?


I’m not going to lie, I’m a little skeptical. This goes against everything we have been told. Which after see the obesity rate and health condition of the average person, may be a good thing. What we have been doing for the past 50 years or so doesn’t seem to be working. If I have a chance of improving my overall quality of life, I’m going to take it. I encourage you to check back with me on this journey, I’ll be your guinea pig LOL. Each week I will give you an update and more in-depth information. Please feel free to leave a comment, question or even your experience with the Keto lifestyle!


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