51 Things Every Man Should Do at Least Once

51 Things Every Man Should Do at Least Once

Every man has a list of things he believes makes him a man. This is just a short list of 51 things I think every Man should experience at least once in his life. I in no way think this list makes you a man, I just believe these are some fun things to add to your bucket list. I tried to keep them as realistic and cost effective as I could. Not all of us can buy a Lamborghini and drive through the streets of Paris.


  1. Buy yourself something that makes you want to kick your own ass!

We as Men, tend to spend on others, just once treat yourself!

  1. Spend at least one week camping alone.

You might be surprised how many epiphanies one will have alone in the wilderness.

  1. Look someone you don’t like in the Eyes and tell them.

    Man up!

  2. Ride a Horse

Who hasn’t watched an old western and felt the urge.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol for a month.

Show yourself you have the will power and Hell save a few brain cells while your at it.

  1. Punch another Man in the Face.

It’s in our DNA, if the opportunity presents itself,  take it.

  1. Go Sailing.

The open Seas are calling you! Or at least the lake is!

  1. Get your haircut at a no frills Old School Barber Shop.

The more it looks like a scene from Goodfellas the better.

  1. Build something with your own two hands.

Every Man should know how to use basic tools.

  1. Kill, Clean and Cook your own Dinner.

100 years ago, this was just part of life, respect the past.

  1. Swim in the Ocean.

I can’t think of a better feeling than swimming in the vast openness of it all.

  1. Learn to drive a manual transmission.

There’s something about revving the engine and slamming through those gears.

  1. Shoot a Gun.

It’s a God given Right as an American Male.

  1. Read at least one book a month for an entire year.

Knowledge is power, equip yourself.

  1. Quit a Job.

Make sure you have something else lined up first and make it Epic!

  1. Forgive someone who has wronged you.

Be the Bigger Man.

  1. Travel outside the Country.

See History and appreciate your home.

  1. Get Slice of Pizza and a few Hotdogs in Chicago.

You will thank me for this one. Remember, no ketchup!

  1. Travel out of State to see your favorite team play.

There’s nothing better than rooting for your team surrounded by the enemy.

  1. Go to a music festival.

Enjoy have a drink, people watch and really hear the music.

  1. Turn down Sex.

Take back the Power.

  1. Do something that terrifies you.

Nothing shows you’re a man better than facing your fears and saying Fuck It!

  1. Leave a huge tip.

Make someone’s Day.

  1. Ride a Motorcycle.

Your daughters Vespa from College doesn’t count here…Sally

  1. Volunteer your time to a worthwhile cause.

Give back to those in need, everyone one wins here.

  1. Compliment a complete stranger and walk away.

Bonus points if you can do this without being Creepy.

  1. Dine and Dash.

Childish, Yes!

  1. Change your own Oil.

Feel the satisfaction of a job well done and save yourself 50 bucks as well.

  1. Learn to Box or a Martial Art.

Feeling Secure is priceless.

  1. Shave with a Straight Razor.

The feel of the cold steel on your neck makes you feel alive.

  1. Learn to Cook at least 3 meals perfectly.

Impress your wife or girlfriend.

  1. Wake up 2 hours earlier than you need to for 30 days.

See how much you can get accomplished with this extra time.

  1. Bench press more than you weigh.

As we get older we lose muscle mass, Keep yourself strong.

  1. Take cold Showers.

Studies show this can improve so many areas of your health.

  1. Watch every Clint Eastwood movie at least once.

Man up with Clint, Snowflakes.

  1. Spend an entire day at the Museum.

Soak in the History or Art.

  1. Leave your Cell Phone at home for the whole day.

Go back to the good ole days when it was OK to not being available every second of the day.

  1. Learn to Shoot a Bow.

It’s a skill that could save your life.

  1. Be able to do 10 pull-ups and 50 push-ups.

Be stronger than the guy standing next to you on the Subway.

  1. Take a trip with no Destination in mind.

Just follow the wind and make your own adventure.

  1. Use a Chainsaw.

The feeling you get as you cut into the tree is pure man.

  1. Know how to build and put out a fire properly.

Again this is a skill that can come in handy.

  1. Do something amazing for your wife or girlfriend for no reason; all week.

No real reason for this but to show that they deserve romance and appreciation for putting up with us!

  1. Master a skill your Dad would be proud of.

At lot of us grew up in an age when computers and office jobs seem to be the norm, make your Dad or Grandfather proud.

  1. Keep a journal.

You may not see it, but you have knowledge and experiences many will envy, a keepsake for  future generations.

  1. Learn to be Grateful for everything you have.

This is the most important in my opinion, Take stock of all you have and be grateful for every person, experience and thing you have in your life.


That’s my list, I hoped you enjoyed it and have checked some of them off already. I would love to hear what’s on your list. Please feel free to leave a comment about what’s on your list. If you enjoyed this post please make sure to share or hit the subscribe button.


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