5 Days of Blogging, What have I learned?

5 Days of Blogging, What have I learned?

                  I’m Kind of a Big Deal Now!

Day 5 guess I’m a Pro now!

And so it begins,


It’s been five days; did I become an overnight internet celebrity? Did I become a millionaire? Did all my dreams come true? These are a few thoughts a lot of future bloggers have before they even start blogging, even if they won’t admit it. LOL After blogging for 5 days, believe it or not, I have actually learned a lot, like signing up for a website and trying to design my blog. Things such as thinking of blogging ideas, I’m constantly agonizing over ways to promote my blog. What type of content should I focus on, is there a better way to doing this and that?

Listed above is just the tip of the iceberg, and to tell you the truth, I love it! Why do I love it? That is the easy part. I get to write about what I am passionate about. I truly feel there is value in trying to help others lead a Positive Lifestyle.


But Jim, you must have a super specific niche!


My life doesn’t fit into a specific niche, and I bet yours doesn’t either. It’s only been 5 days but I’ve learned its ok to write about anything that gives you a spark. There are days I don’t want to talk about or think about Congestive Heart Failure. There are days where I don’t want to talk about ways to lead a positive life. Guess what…That’s ok! It’s your blog, if there is no passion behind your post then what value can anyone get from it.  Write from your heart and the rest with follow.


Won’t other Bloggers judge me?


Yes, yes they will, but before you get discouraged let me explain. So far I’ve come across several bloggers and each and every one had a single thing in common. They all wanted to help and to show encouragement. The Blogging community as a whole is filled with wonderful supportive people.

There are sharks out there!


While I’ve found the blogging community as a whole to be full of great people, there are sharks out there. They have one goal and that is to make you believe if you don’t buy this or that your blog will fail. If you’re a little older you obviously know that is how the world works, but when you’re a technology newbie like me, it’s harder to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just make sure to reach out the others for advice before you pull that Visa card out!


Will you keep going?


That is a question that honestly has not popped into my mind. I know I look forward to writing something every day. I know I want to work on getting better with every blog post. I know with each post it’s easier to put myself out there.


Is it worth it?


In the end, while I didn’t become an overnight celebrity or millionaire. I did find an outlet for a passion of mine. I’ve met a few great people and learned a lot. I still have a mountain of knowledge to obtain, but I’m excited for the challenge. Just the thought that one person might be affected in a positive way from something I wrote, gives me every reason in the world to keep on plugging away.


Please feel free to post a comment or ask a question.


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2 Replies to “5 Days of Blogging, What have I learned?

  1. Good questions, good feedback!
    I’ve been writing for as long as I could remember, but it’s been back and forth with one person or just myself. A few years back I started a celebrity website where I would stalk/meet local celebrities and write about it. Which is great fun, however… it’s not consistent enough and there are HUGE gaps between writing.

    So, I’m torn with maybe using my current platform that mainly for stalking but doing random blogging in between. I don’t want to give up the site or change the name and I don’t want to pay for an additional one either.

    Practice makes perfect, I guess eventually we’ll figure it out.

    1. Hey Lauren,
      Thanks for leaving a comment! I love the concept of your blog! I can definitely see the issue with consistency. I lived in LA for a year and never even saw a semi-celebrity, though I doubt they shopped at the same Walmart as I did=) I think with your site name, you can still write about any content you want. You’re a writer, never give up the site; like you’ve gone stalking for the perfect outfit, gone stalking for the perfect restaurant or gone stalking for the perfect blog idea. You get the point; make it what you want it to be. It sounds like you have a lot of passion, and people will definitely respond to that. I know you have at least one new subscriber with me! As you said, we’ll figure it out!

      Thanks, Jim

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