10 Reasons to go to the Gym and why it’s so hard to go there?


10 Reasons to go to the Gym and

Why it’s so hard to go there?




We all know the benefits of working out, yes We’ll  live longer. Hopefully we won’t break out in a sweat opening up a box of hot pockets. I may even see my feet without leaning forward (just like an inch). These are all valid reasons to workout. Yet I like so many of us, find myself sitting in the parking lot staring at the gym and thinking …Do I really need to go? I’m not that fat(BTW Yes, Yes I am). Even when we live a positive lifestyle, those pesky little negative thoughts find a way to creep in.

I have these thoughts almost every time I go. The crazy part is, once I’m in the door, I feel great! It doesn’t matter if I’m doing the dreaded cardio stairs or lifting weights. I feel amazing. The Positive will always outweigh the negative. I wish I was one of those guys or girls you see on Instagram or YouTube waking up all pumped to get to the gym, but I’m not. Chances are I may never be one of those people. I will however continue to think of creative reasons on why its OK to skip the gym. As long as in the end, I remember no matter how great of a reason I come up with not to go, I know the real benefits will always be better. Here are a quick 10 reasons to go to the gym!


10 Reasons We Should Workout


  • People watching at the gym is the Best!
  • Feeling less guilty about the ice cream you devoured last-night. 
  • Gives you an excuse to wear gym cloths all day.
  • Helps reduce Stress.
  • Improves your…well lets call it Stamina;)
  • Improves your quality of Sleep.
  • Might give you that extra boost of Self-Esteem! 
  • It’s a great way to meet new friends. (Plus a gym friend adds accountability)
  • You will lose those extra pounds. 
  • It’s Healthy for you! We all know it, So get off your butt and move! 


Those are just ten quick reasons to get your butt to the gym. Whatever reason you pick, I promise you one thing. Your life will improve! Now I better get my fat ass to the gym! Just remember that creating a positive vibe is not just in our minds and souls, our bodies also play a role. We must feed every piece of the puzzle. I hope everyone has a great day and keep on smiling!


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