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I’m a Blogger who also happens to live with Congestive Heart Failure. So as you can imagine Health, Comedy and Knowledge is something I find very important, Stress and Anxiety can play havoc on our Heart and Mind.

My journey through life has had one common theme, Overcoming obstacles in a positive yet realistic way. When we surround ourselves with open minded individuals and ideas we are truly passionate about, we can change the world or at the very least Change our own World!

In this Blog I will discuss ways that have helped me, to be taken off the Heart Transplant List and become active in Power-lifting again. I will share some easy and tasty Keto Recipes and try to give some tips on ways to improve your positive outlook. Humor is in Everything, even dark humor can be good humor.

Please feel free to make a comment. Post an idea or tell me to go to Hell, any and all interactions are welcome. Lets stop worrying about what others might think and say whats on our minds.

Just a side note here; The support I have been receiving has been great.  I truly Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank you! 

Have a lot more content to come! Please keep checking back. 

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